Dead pool 2 – Movie review (In English)

💓 80% liked this movie

Genre: Comedy / Action

Story died!!!

Story line:

            This movie does not have the proper story line and moving aimlessly here and there. In one line the story of this movie is hero of the movie lost his girlfriend who died by the villain shot her. Now our hero “Dead Pool” is in search of the meaning to live the life. Russell is the boy may fill the emotion of the hero and finds meaning in living his life.
The story and the screen play lacks strength in this movie and the entire movie is moving only with the comedy, hero’s attitude and the fight sequences


            Dead pool is originally a kind of villain and an anti hero character in X-Men team created by Marvel Comics. This movie has the major strength of kind of hero’s care free attitude and the comedy scenes in recruiting a team and how they fall down before they start to work.
Many negatives in this movie like screen play is not much interesting. Sometimes we feel too much boring and lack much of our interest.
If you are a fan of dead pool character, then it might be suiting to you. At least, director could have created some strong story for dead pool character.
Even in the fight scenes, dead pool is keep talking and making some comedy. It is also in final tragic scenes, the comedy scenes were inserted forcefully.
Overall you can watch this movie; but there is one condition that the blood, violence and bad words are more in this movie.    

Director: David Leitch | Producers:  Ryan Reynolds, Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner | Casting: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie beetz

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