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Another wonderful movie from Marvel Studios

Genre: Scientific fiction/Thriller

Story Line: 

       The King of Wakanda, a hidden Kingdom from the entire world. The story starts with the youngest king T’Challa who descends the throne after death of his father (previous king of Wakanda and a Black panther). T’challa, the youngest king faces many challenges from the Villain Killmonger soon after he descends the throne.
 In this Movie, Villain Killmonger is T’challa’s own cousin who wants to take revenge for his father’s death caused by T’Challa’s father. In one line, we can tell the story as fight of brothers for throne of the massive Kingdom Wakanda.


¬† ¬† ¬†This Movie is about the¬†Super Hero King “Black Panther and his legends”¬†with deep Sentimental touch. It is a¬†watchable movie with fast moving sequences.
The interesting terms used in stories like¬†“Panther god”, “heart shaped herb”, “Vibranium metal”¬†grabs the audience attention easily.
In some scenes, the movie is dragging and dull with the sentiment scenes. But it required in the movie to move to next scene.
Director Rayan Cooglar¬†to be given¬†credit for making a movie¬†from the comic character “Black Panther”. it is not all the comic characters portrayed well in Movies. But he succeeded in his efforts.¬†
Actor Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther has played his character well, but need some improvement too. 
Micheal B. Jordan as Villian Killmonger play his villain character well and flawless. The Visual effects team made an excellent effort in serving the visual treat to the audience. so the entire team should be given the credit for such a wonderful work. 

Director: Ryan Cooglar šł® Actor: Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther¬†šł®¬†Villain: Micheal B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger¬†šł®¬†Producer: Kevin Feige, Dabid J.Grant¬†šł®Language: Englishšł®¬†Year of Release: 2018¬†

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