Spider Man  – 2002 Movie Review

  • Starring:
  • 1. Tobey Maguire
  • 2. Willem Dafoe
  • 3. Kirsten Dunst
  • 4. James Franco
  • 5. Cliff Robertson
  • 6. Rosemary Harris

  • Director: Sam Raimi
  • Released by : Columbia Pictures
  • Year  : 2002 
  • Language : English 

         This Movie is based on the Marvel comic character “Spider Man”. It is the very famous and popular Comic character which was made real by the Director Sam Raimi on the Film “Spider Man”. It is the fantasy film Genre. It is about the story of Perter Parker, an ordinary person at the public appearance. But he is the person behind the Spider Man mask and saves the New York City from the best ever Villains. Mary Jane, lover of Peter Parker who loves Spider Man – a triangle love story. 

So This movie may be called as making of spider man, because the movie is about how the Peter Parker becomes Spider Man. This Movie has a Villain too “Green Goblin” a character – Perter Parker’s best friend’s Father and Chairman of OSCorp Big business Corporate.!!! It is really will be exciting movie for the kids and teenagers by watching the spider webs and spider man flying and saving the city from the bad guys.
The screen play and story line of the movie is good and the plot of this movie is fast moving and won’t make you bored at any scene. If you want entertainment, then this movie is another Hollywood movie makes you enjoy watching it!!! 

– Ganesh    

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