Hulk – Movie Review

Starring :1. Eric Bana 2. Jennifer Connelly 3. Sam Elliot and others Director   : Ang LeeYear         : 2003 Language : English 

    This Movie is based on the Marvel comics character “Hulk”. The Hero is the scientist turn to be the Monster when he gets angry!!! very interesting story. The Climax of this movie is not as expected by the audience. I personally like this movie very much because the ordinary person turns greeny monster, which is indomitable to the weapons and firearms. I wanted to be like that honestly. But in reality I can’t.

The screenplay and the story plot is dull and as usual. The visual effects and other graphics used in the movie is eye catchy. It is yet another super hero movie in Hollywood guarantee your enjoyment and entertainment. The story of the movie is nice one but the screen play may be concentrated a little bit. 

– Ganesh

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