Kung Fu Panda  – Movie review

Casting    :  
1. Jack Black (Po)
2. Dustin Hoffman (Shifu)
3. Ian Mcshane (Tai Lung)
4. Jackie Chan (Monkey)
5.Seth Rogen (Mantis)
6. Lucy Liu (Viper)
7. Randall Duk Kim (Oogway)
8. David Cross (Crane) and many….

Director   : Jennifer Yu Nelson
Year         : 2008
Language : English 

       The movie Kung Fu Panda is based on the Philosophy of “Believe in Yourself”. It is an animated movie made a block buster when it was released in theaters because of the story line. The story of this movie that one innocent Panda does not have any martial arts skill want to learn Kung Fu.

There are five action characters in this movie like tigress, mantis, monkey. viper and crane were given the rigorous training by Shifu for becoming Dragon Warrior. But the fate decided the other. The great master Oogway chose the Lazy Panda as Dragon warrior But Fortunately the Panda “Po” was the savior of the Valley as “Dragon Warrior”. The story unfolds as how the Dragon warrior saves the valley from the Villian “Tai lang”. 
The story script also done well in this movie. The characters and other settings were too well set in this movie. If You watch this movie once, you will want to watch once more. This movie not only for kids as it is animated movie, but this movie also for grown-ups for the strong message and philosophy in it. 

– Ganesh 

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