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IMDb rating: 5.8

Story line:

            The story of this movie centered on the traditional martial arts from Tamil Nadu “Adimurai” and the Hero of the movie with father character in and as Dhanush have done the dual role. Sneha as the mother and the heroine for the father Dhanush who was killed by villain and the son seeks the revenge. That’s it?! Simple but the martial arts add flavor to the story    

Movie review:

            The movie starts with the “Son” Dhanush as thief got somewhat with turns and twists discover that Kanya (Sneha) was her mother and his father killed by Villain with backstabbing and not by directly fighting in the battle field using martial art. The story unfolds with the flashback and discovers the problem faced by the martial art form “Adimurai”.

I think director has over exaggerated the problem of westerners eliminating these particular martial arts that is only with the so called legendary martial art form called “Adimurai” and he used the identity of “Tamilians” to attract the Tamil Nadu people every frame. May be this is the crowd puller of this movie. Yet the characters have done their part well and moving with the interesting and non boring screen play is one and only great strength of the movie.

The songs “Chill bro” and Jigidi Killadi” were rocking songs with make us dancing music beats. But we might feel the familiarity of the music that it was heard somewhere else. There should be due credit should be given to character role played by Naaazar who is the mentor for “father” Dhanush.

The unrealistic thing in the movie that I noticed was that the “Son” Dhanush avenge for his father’s death by learning martial arts for participating in a martial art competition in a very few days?! Wondering how could that happen overnight? Leaving all these logics left behind you can have the fantastic entertainment by watching this movie

Director: R.S Senthil Durai Kumar | Actor: Dhanush | Actress: Sneha and Mehrene |Music: Vivek – Mervin |

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