Avengers – Infinity war – English movie review

đź’— 98% of people like this movie

Summer treat for the Marvel’s fans

Genre: Action/ Adventure

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Story Line:

    The story of this movie is very simple that your favorite hero’s Iron man, Hulk, Dr. Strange, spider man, Black Panther, Captain America and many are in the good side to avenge the villain Thanos, a character introduced by the Marvel comics. So the story is obvious that the psycho villain on the journey to collect six powerful stones called infinity stones to destroy the lives of universe with foolish policy in mind. The story unfolds as the hero stops the villain’s Endeavor to destroy the universe.
But wait, there is a different, exciting and sad climax is waiting for you at the end of this movie?!


Overall, it is the full entertainment movie packed with action and adventure by your favorite hero’s  
All of your favorite heroes in one place attract all the marvel fans in one place. The story line of the movie is simple and usual. But the visual effects and 3 D technology scored high as the visual treat to the audience.
Movie is fast moving scene by scene and there is no place of boring. You should watch the climax without reading any spoilers, there is different climax is waiting for you at the end of this movie.

Many places the logic is missing and untold stories are there like “why hulk does not show up”, “What happened to Thor’s old hammer and why new hammer”, “who is this Thanos”, and like many things. May it is to create curiosity among the audience to know and explore more about the Marvel’s character.
This is the entertainment movie for all ages. 

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