Tamil Movie – Kappan (Movie Review)

Genre: Action, Political, thriller  

Story line:

The story of this movie starts with the suspense that Mohan Lal as the straightforward prime minister facing the threats from the terrorists group from Pakistan and join hands with the Indian business man and trying to destroy the nation. Suriya, our hero of movie as security for Prime minister failed to protect him. Aftermath of the event frames him as suspect for assassinating PM. The story unfolds after the intermission of how our hero gets out of the situation and catches the culprit and save the nation.


Movie is full of suspense. But the logic is missing in many places as usual for a typical Tamil movie. The people around except hero would die in movie. This might be the biggest question and there are mass scenes for Actor Suriya boost the masala in the Movie. Actress Sayyeshaa was also playing the important role in movie diverting our attention from real cult prints and it seems to be worked well in the movie. Background music and Songs were not gaining much attention or a hit. It is just Ok to watch. Sometimes we were bored out of the songs. In this movie, there are many places the politics of India and Tamil Nadu was given a jolt. The movie also carries a big message that the nations are not only in Bio war. There are also some of the ways like Locust attacks would destroy the basic survival of the country. The second message is about the scenario of the farmers and the how the agriculture is taking diversion in the nation like sensitive issues were portrayed by Director. It is appreciated for the screenplay, even we guess the next scene, there are surprises waiting for us and director succeeded in gaining the audience attention. Overall the movie good, entertaining as well as carry a message that everyone should realize and think over it. IMDb rating: 6.4/10  

Actor: Surya, Mohan Lal and Arya | Actress: Sayyeshaa | Director: K.V.Anand | Music Director: Harris Jeyaraj

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