Lucifer – Malayalam Movie (Tamil Dubbed)

Deal with the devil


IMDb – 7.5/10 ratings

Genre: Action, Drama, Politics

Story line:

This movie is about a fictional political leader dies and the entire country and party in crisis. There is one man who can save the party from the hands of bad people spoil the reputation of the political party that is our hero of story “Mohan Lal”. The story unfolds as there are many challenges faced by him in restoring the political power and the movie plot is very interesting and a twist is waiting for us, even after the climax scene.

Review of the Movie:

The story and screenplay of the movie and plots in every scene is completely a fresh idea and no one ever have any idea about this movie, when they watch this for the first time. Director cum Actor Pritiviraj has a real hold of the audience pulse and entertained them with the great feast. The role of Mohan Lal as an actor has done well and there are many mass scenes that we also get involved in the story. The characters in this movie were played and lived as it is. The appreciation should be given to Director and Actor for the smooth shifting of the characters in the movie. Music and Back ground music and songs were best in this movie and the “Empuraane” song ringing in our head even after the movie is over. Mohan Lal is the legend in playing his character just with his sharp eyes and manly mannerism that is the reason so many fans are there for him. Overall the story is very good and entertaining make us to watch till end without boring and it is best in political, action genre – a must watch one.      


Actor: Mohan Lal | Actress: Manju Warrier | Director: Pritiviraj Sukumar | Year: 2019    

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