IMDb rating – 6.3/10

Naked Story!

Story line:

            Kamini is the character central in this movie. She is a bold working woman in Media Company and gave birth to prank show idea and made it successful. Here the Kamini role played by Actress Amala Paul. There is one girl affected by the prank and could not write her competitive exam because of that prank show. So she decided to take revenge on Kamini by making her nude in an empty building alone for one day. The entire story is about how she managed to escape this tragedy.

Movie review:

            It is too exciting to watch the opening scene as there is a dramatic prank show staged by Kamini in the Psycho role of Harley Quinn and Joker in Batman Movie characters. But the movie is not much impressive as Amala Paul roaming around in the building as nude. The girl who got affected by the prank show and her revenge are not much weighted to take such an extreme revenge.

It is the bold move of Amala Paul acting nude in the movie and it is not that easy decision to make. The story also justifies the necessity of such scenes and was filmed without much body exposure and the camera man is very skillful in handling the camera angles.

The songs and BGM were also good enough to make us enjoy the movie. The main drawback of this movie that it fails to score on the screenplay as it is confusing and we might find lost interest in watching the movie.

Overall the movie is a slow moving and yet suspense building one. You can watch this movie at least once for Amala Paul.

Actress: Amala Paul | Director: Ratna Kumar | Music Director: Pradeep Kumar | Year of release: 2019  

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