Top 3 Tamil movies you can watch in Amazon Prime Video

I am writing this article since there is an emergence in the OTT platform and Amazon prime is one of the best OTT platform not only offers the videos as “Prime Videos”. But also offers the “Prime music” and fastest delivery as “Prime benefits” and so on.

We are going to see about the movies that are released on theater and you might miss or you might want to watch the movie again are available in Amazon Prime Video. I am here listed the movie list along with 2 Amazon Exclusive released Movies that is “Penguin” and “Soorarai Pottru” are two movies worth watching.

Here I reviewed the movies based on various criteria. It is not something Oscar review or a perfect review. The readers of this article can get some idea on what movie to watch. That is the ultimate aim of this article.    

1.  Soorarai Pottru

Story of Victory!

Genre: Action, Drama

IMDb rating: 8.9

 Story line:

            The story of the movie starts with the crash landing of the aero plane against the ongoing conspiracy of land crews. This is the story inspired from the real success story of thousands of entrepreneurs who were struggling to add value to people by creating disruptive innovation in the system causes the competitors to cut throat the entrepreneur from the field.

Maara (Surya) is the adamant and rebellious person who raises voice against the unfair discrimination in society. He has the greatest pain in life that when his father dies, he could not reach the place from distance on time of funeral. This inspired him to start the worlds’ cheapest and quality aero plane company offers service to people.

The story ends with seat edging climax of whether he succeeded in his mission or not. The story is added with love, marriage like sausage makes us to watch the movie till the end.         

Review of movie:

            The story and screen play is very well scripted as the story moves backwards and forwards and connect at one point makes it very interesting. It is once again a floral crown to Sudha, a female director who already gave us the hit movie “Iruthi Suttru”.

The screenplay and direction were the best and made the movie hit. Actor Surya has chosen the right movies on his bucket list and show his talent as usual. He is more in acting skills and rising more than Stars in the industry.

Actress Aparna Balamurali as Madurai girl adamant and rebellious in behavior were the character made well in this movie. She is really worked hard for this movie and this will make her career bright, hoping so. The supporting characters Urvasi, Karunas, Gnanasambandar and other have their role done well. 

Music and BGM were good and Songs like “Kattu Payale” went hit and other songs are also ringing in our head all day. It is again a rocking performance from the famous music director G.V. Prakash.  

Overall the movie is the great success and you can watch any number of times to get the dose of inspiration. The message of this movie “Never gets down and fights until last minute”.     

Trailer of Soorai Pottru
Soorai Pottru

Actor: Surya | Actress: Aparna Balamurali | Director: Sudha Kongura | Music Director: G.V. Prakash | Producers: Surya and Guneet Monga    

2. Penguin

Painful story of lost child and Betrayal of dearest

IMDb rating: 4.6

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

 Story line:

            The story of movie starts with the mother named Rhythm (Keerthy Suresh) conceived the second child also lost her first child. She is suffering from the trauma of her lost first child. The story slowly unfolds with the suspense as one day the lost child returned back and behaves notoriously. There is a Charlie Chaplin face masked person who is behind the crime of kidnapping her child.

The entire suspense of the story revealed in the climax and answers the question of whom, why have done this crime as the act of betrayal surprises us.      

Review of movie:

            The screenplay is very suspenseful only until the climax and it is like burst balloon, lost its thrill and we also frustrated when the villain is revealed. The entire story tells the message of mother’s pain for lost child and getting back the child and finding out who is behind it.

Keerthy Suresh has played her role well in the movie as the mother who lost her child. But the story and screenplay is not much interesting. There are some points that confuse us that child is still alive or not kind of question arises. Even the child returns back, the survival of 6 years of constant torture is impossible and superficial.

The story of Penguin told by Rhythm (Keerthy Suresh) to her child came in reality is the touching point in this story. The BGM is more building up the thriller and suspense and songs are good enough and yet they are not much reached among the audience.

The story does not have strong base when the suspense opened to us and the betrayal of dearest is the old story. This movie is like old wine in new bottle. The Expectation created by the movie and the actual story fails in reality.

Overall you can watch this movie at once as the movie with the message that Women become fulfilled only after she becomes mother. If the story given due weightage as like the message, then it is the blockbuster hit movie. But it failed.         


Actress: Keerthy Suresh | Director: Eahsvar Karthic | Producer: Karthic Subbaraj | Music Director: Santhosh Narayanan                  

3. Darbar

Action packed without strong story

IMDb rating: 6.1

Genre: Action, Crime, Blood and Violence  

 Story line: 

            The story of this movie is very simple. The movie stats with Hero (Rajinikanth) hunt down the bunch of gangster with the question why he is doing this? The story gets us to the flashback of powerful cop who took charge in Mumbai. He is on a mission to clean the city from crimes and this has the consequence of lost his daughter life to the revenge of villain.

Hero of the Movie does not know about the Villain and so he is in quest to find him. The story ends with whether our hero searches the Villain and how? Then he kills the villain or not is the climax of this movie.     

Review of movie:

            The story and screenplay is very simple. They have boosted the heroism of the actor to the height by mass dialogues and tactical, intellectual scene in trapping the villain and like kind of screen play and story plot added spice to the story and yet the story is not much strong.

The actor of the Movie Rajinikanth has the charisma to pull the audience just for his face value rather than strong story to watch. It is good and enjoyable for all the Rajini fans with all mass scenes and dialogues.

The actress Nayathara has no strong role as she just makes the filling gap of heroine and even the love is not ending in marriage. The daughter role done by Nivetha Thomas is good but still she needs to get more work to do in field. The final and climax scene is usual ending of the revenge and get bored at the last scene.

The music is Ok type and BGM also good for nothing. There are many of his styles and mannerism and even music sometimes were repeated in this movie.

Overall you can watch this movie at once for the action packed and if you are the fan of Rajinikanth, then this movie is for you.

Actor: Rajinikanth | Actress: Nayathara and Nivetha Thomas | Director: A.R Murugadoss | Villain: Sunil shetty     

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