Amazon prime video Movies: Knock Knock – English Movie review

Psychos and sexy!

IMDb rating: 4.9/10

Genre: Horror and Thriller

Story line:

            The story starts with Evan (Keanu Reeves) father of two kids happily living with his family. His family is going for picnic as he is left alone for work. He is an architect and while working on his project, he hears the sound “Knock Knock” at the door. When he opens the door, he finds two girls were struggling in rain and so he decided to pacify them.

The main scene starts here with the seduction of those two girls Genesis and Bel force him to lose his control and have sex with them. But there is a twist waiting that these people are psychos. They started torturing Evan until family arrives home. What happens in the climax whether they killed him or not is the climax of this movie.        

Review of the Movie:

            This movie is very disturbing and so those who are weak hearted are not advised to watch this movie as there is violence in so many scenes. The story and screenplay of the movie is good as it is interesting to wait for what will happen next.

But the entire story revolves around these girls punishes Evan for having sex. This is the place where logic of the movie is missing. After all we can’t anticipate the psychos to behave properly right?

The movie is slow moving in the first 15 minutes and then once the girls started doing all foolish things, the movie gets interesting. It feels like what if we trapped with the girls forces to have sex and then punishes for having sex with them.

The actor Keanu Reeves has done the excellent role and yet the movie’s story is not up to the mark of audience expectation. The actresses were very clamorous and were bold in acting the half naked scenes.

Even though the movie gets our attention and make us think that why these girls are behaving oddly and killing people and punishing our Hero of the movie. But at the end the base of the story is not strong enough to put the message across the movie.

Overall the movie can be watched, if you like sexually offensive, horror and violence and also some of the half naked scenes.        

Writer and Director: Eli Roth | Casting: Keanu Reeves, Ana de Armas, and Lorenza Izzo | Production: Dragon fly, Camp grey and Sobras International Pictures       

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