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A Story of Sinister

IMDb rating: 6.1/10

Genre: Horror, Thriller and Sinister

Story line:

            This movie is unusual as the story is about the sinister who came from the outer space and become the sinister to occupy the world. The story is very simple because the story is similar to the Super hero movie Super Man. But the boy grew into something bad and tries to occupy this world and bring disasters.  

Review of movie:

            The boy who has done the role of sinister is appreciable for his acting skills. But still the story and screenplay is not something new. The entire story is about the negative aspect of the super hero movies, by assuming what if they become bad and destruct the world.

The story and screen play is boring and not much intriguing. The thrilling part comes when the boy kills their adopted parent by his newly discovers super power. All the actors have done their characters well. The story without the base lacks the main component even other things are perfect.

This movie might be watched if you have lots of time and you have nothing to do in your hand and if your mood is negative, this will kill some time for you.

Overall the movie is not much interesting and failed to pull the audience attention.

Director: David Yarovesky | Producers: James Gunn and Kenneth Huang | Casting: Jackson A Dunn | Elizabeth Banks

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