Amazon series – Four more shots please!!!

Woman and Sex… nothing more!!!

Genre: Dark, Drama and culture

Language: Hindi | also available in Tamil

Seasons – 2  

Episodes – 4

Story line:

            The four women united in certain circumstances sharing some common problems and struggles in their life. The story is revolving around these four women and their troubles in their life and how they face with the toughness. They all have family, relationship, betrayal and tragedy as parts and parcel of their life. This series might have the inspiration of HBO originals “Sex and City”. But the directors have changed according to Indian culture and settings.

How is this series? (Review)

            If you are not open minded about the sex life and that to about the women sex life, then this series will offend you. This series talks about the sex life of woman and their way of choosing relationship and the consequences that they face because of their decision.

The series paint the picture of woman alone getting all the troubles. The most important part is that these women drink and make parties and ruin their lives all the way. The characters portrayed in this series of the woman are like dominative alpha females and they are self centered and they will get want they want in their life.

The story is not much interesting and yet the adult scenes in the series makes it spicy and as I already mentioned, while watching this series we should not judge the woman by their multiple sex partners. The point is justified with the strong feelings and emotions that they carry in their life. The four characters Damini, Anjana Menon, Sidhi Patel and Umang were important and story revolves around these women lives.

Both the seasons are having the same trend and there are no much differences among them. The story can be criticized that it only talks more about woman sex life and many adult scenes were added. It is only sex, sex and sex alone.

The actress and actors have played the good part in their roles. The story line is the only problem that this series fail to make up well. The story does not end with season 2 and there are more seasons will release in later days.

Overall you can watch this series if you want to know about the woman on freedom and they do what the men do. If you are closed minded, then it will be a cultural chock to you.

Directors: Anu Menon, Nupur Asthana  | Written by: Devika Bhangat and Ishita Moitra | Starring:  Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kirti Kulhari, and Maanvi Gagroo | Production: Pritish Nandy

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