Web series – 10 Episodes

Genre: Crime, thriller and action

Available in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi

IMDb rating: 8.1/10

Story line:

            The mystery surrounds as the hero this story who is driving taxi and he had a fateful meet up with woman customer. Our hero is a taxi driver and the woman persuades him to come along with her to apartment. The story is getting interested as they were drugged and out of mind. They have their one night stand and after the incident our hero wakes up in a situation where the woman was murdered and he is arrested for the crime.

The story is very intriguing as the director played the mystery card very well. Even we suspect about our hero might have murdered that woman. He even got convicted for the crime as he is not aware of what happened during the incident. The story portrays the jail life of the innocent boy spoiled inside and outside also.


            The web series is very interesting and make us to watch till the end in one day. The actors played the part very well. Vikrant Massey who played the hero part as Aditya Sharma and the role of lawyer did by Panda Tripathi as Madhav Mishra and most importantly Mustafa who protect this boy inside the jail from other prisoners played by Jackie shroff.

If a girl gets affected from an incident, then all people and media blame the male and masculinity as whole. If a boy gets affected, then again it is the mistake of male and masculinity always. The story delivers the powerful message of the boy who went with the girl for one night stand braded as killer and rapist.

The screenplay is very well structured and mystery is blown at the last episode as new diversion in case made a U turn. Even though our hero gets through all the hardships inside the jail, then after he came out with his name cleaned.

The music and BGM score touches our heart. The kind of music is very tearful and situational. The music itself put you in the shoes of our hero.  

Criminal Justice

This web series touched the fundamental system of how the innocent turned into criminal after being convicted by the court of law. I will not tell you story anymore. This web series will surely create an impact and make you fear, when even a girl asks you for one night stand?!!

You should watch this web series and it is recommended to understand the impact of crime on all the associated people.

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