Great Father – Malayalam Movie (Tamil Dubbed)

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Genre: Suspense, Drama, Melodrama

Father is always great to every child’s life

Story line:

            The Story of this movie starts with the caring father and naughty and vibrant daughter raped brutally by an unknown person. Mamooty stared in the role of normal father who turns to investigate the culprit of his daughter rape. Arya join the role of investigating police officer. Our hero of the story explores that not her daughter, but many children were raped and killed. Her daughter is the only victim managed to escape from the serial psycho killer.

Review of the Movie:

            The screen play is slow moving and also suspense make us intrigued in watching the film. They have not disclosed the face of villain until the last scene. It is usual that some unpredictable villain will pop up in the end of the movie and this movie followed the same tradition without any exception. The music is good and it is ok type. The songs are not much mind blowing might be because Tamil dubbed Malayalam film.

            There are some places where Arya’s acting might irritate us. The story delivers the strong message about child abuse and sexual harassment. But the most violent thing had shown lightly without much gore in the movie. Mamooty and Sneha have done their role as father and mother of victim child.

            There is another strong message that every father is the protector of their child. You should never leave child alone in him. These are the message strongly delivered through this film. Even though there are story and screenplay were good. We might feel that something is missing in the movie makes it not much rated or blockbuster film.

But it might win awards for the portrayal of child sexual harassments.

Overall the movie is good to watch. It is a must watch film for every father to how an ideal father react to an untoward situation.                

Casting: Mamooty, Sneha, Anikha, Arya | Producers:  Arya, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Santosh Sivan, Shaji Nadesan | Music director: Gopi Sundar, Sushin Shyam | Director: Haneef Adeni | Year of release: 2017             

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